Experience El Duende


El Duende by Tablao Cordobes, is a brand presented by the great Cordobes group that has over than 50 years of flamenco tradition in the center of Barcelona city (Las Ramblas).

At El Duende by Tablao Flamenco Cordobes, you will not only find the most traditional flamenco, but also new artistic expressions that fuse flamenco with other world music. This creative fusion guarantees a unique and avant-garde experience, where you will be able to appreciate the evolution and diversity of flamenco in the city of Barcelona. You will enjoy it from a privileged window: The tablao. The intimacy, warmth and closeness will allow you to be impregnated with this millenary culture thanks to this unique scenic setting. The intimate language of flamenco needs the requirements provided by the tablao to express itself in all its truth:

  • Flamenco shows presented in an intimate and cozy atmosphere with capacity for 120 people.

  • Our invited artists will captivate you with individual recitals full of art and talent, transporting you for 50 minutes to the deepest roots of this art and to new artistic expressions.

  • The continuous improvisation of the artists, the mystery of "El duende". The game through which guitar, singing and dancing dialogue with each other, are inspired and create through intuition... is a form of creation, through inspiration and intuition, whose learning, outside the transmission in the family circle, only appears in the tablao, and to which the young flamenco artists of today bring a prodigious technique both in the dance and guitar melody.


    About The Show

The show that you are about to enjoy does not follow a certain script, it does not tell a particular story, but speaks of the human condition in general, or simply of daily life. The Cante jondo is a lament, a cry, a clamor, a laugh... small poems with a popular origin from great poets of the Spanish literature, the “Cantaor” (Singer) shells out according to his inspiration, without any script and without any other servitude than the rhythm and the kind of cante that he interprets. There are songs of love to the companion or the mother, of nostalgia for the land, of clamor from prison or heartbreak, of accompaniment in the labors of the field or laments from the depths of the mines...Sometimes they express joy and happiness, and other times they are pure expression of pain.

On the basis of the rhythm, (a magical thread), cante, guitar and dance twist and turn: they mutually recreate, inspire, answer, contrast or accompany... Improvisation is the part of flamenco that cannot be found in the millimetric choreography of a theater or an audiovisual show, and that can only be experienced in a tablao.

Any day you have chosen to visit us, you will always enjoy the presence of great artists. That we guarantee you.

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